Invalids - Telephone Explosions

from by Invalids // an0va



How many can fit through
Before the light turns back to red
We stayed low
And watched it passing overhead
Would the image fade forever
If you couldn’t keep from blinking

Taking time to gather what’s inside it
It’s lost, we’ve lost
Careful sleight, inherent machinations
On us it’s lost

To lead back, all back around
Over turning back around

And it fell for the past seven days straight
Undisturbed save the tracks and the shapes we made
Wanted to make sure it froze strong enough before
We tried to take our first steps out across the lake
But we couldn’t wait

Lights in windows
Some bucolic visual
A careful, crafted scene
Heightened will of
Some historic ritual
Careful not to be seen

We’ve tried, we’ve tried
To retain forever
What we couldn’t keep from sinking

There were lessons to learn from inevitable faults
Some exact approach
But we fashioned a framework of comfortable corners
And were never called on
So there we sat
So there we stay
(a cull of all concern)

Called to come out once the sun had shown
By light, how slick the surface glowed
We followed, quiet, right up to the edge
Each step evoked a sound
Of fissures fanning out
A crack and slowing groan
What we would always doubt
Pierced the silent shroud
Continued on across
One foot after the next
Like we were always taught

Change to new clothes, stage an upright pose
It wasn’t good enough
Tired of passing by, all the ends, all the turns
On all the same roads
Feeding back, listening until we hear something
That sounds like what we spoke
Giving in and weighing all the things we’ve missed
Against what we’ve actually done
and wanted to do
But just couldn’t move


from Permutation EP, released March 31, 2015
Music and lyrics written by Pete Davis
Guitars and vocals performed and recorded by Pete Davis
Drums programmed by Pete Davis with VST Addictive Drums by XLN Audio

Bass performed and recorded by Nick Shaw



all rights reserved


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